Deep Sea Musings

20 June 1960
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My name is Naketa-Orca, I am an anthro herm orca happily mated to Calafin (KISS). I am self employed, moved to Florida in 1999 from Pennsylvania to begin a new life with my mate and it has worked out quite well. Looking forward to making new friends here. Now for the fun stuff ...

My fursona is as I stated above a hermaphrodite Orca, the only one that my mate and I are awares of. I stand at about 9 ft tall and my weight..well one doesnt ask a lady that esp when shi can kick your butt ( just kidding) I am very friendly and outgoing, I have the same white eyepatches as are seen on my pic and my belly has an interesting design. The white starts under my chin down my rippled muscular cheat to my groin , where it seperates down each leg to form a tail fluke shape .There are some reference pics on Foxfire's sight , namely the one called beachball , but be awares they are very adult in nature! The interesting thing is though..that this is not a character or a simple fursona..I AM an orca trapped in this humans body.I am Naketa in mind and soul, and I am very much in love with my mate Calafin and our pet Takumori the dragon.